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About Musket Creek

We are the Hudgins Family. We are a pretty typical suburban family with kids in soccer, baseball, and softball. As a family, we enjoy hiking, camping, movie nights with popcorn, and playing various instruments or singing. Usually our dogs accompany us on our adventures as you can see in many photos.

I'm Amanda- aka Mom. I am a part-time homeschool teacher, part-time dog trainer, and part-time office manager for a local non-profit. I wear a lot of hats. I love working with dogs and teaching people how to build the best relationships possible with their dogs. As a certified pet dog trainer (CPDT-KA), I feel I am uniquely equipped to start puppies off on the right foot. Socialization begins at 3 weeks, so I know the critical role a breeder plays in the lives of the puppies they produce. I previously taught pet obedience classes, foundation agility, dog fitness, tricks, and was a Canine Good Citizen evaluator for a large local training facility. I take my dogs to Nosework, Barn hunt, upland hunting, and agility lessons. We are working on our Advanced Trick Dog titles now.

We are embarking upon this adventure as a family driven by the love of a dog- the love of a breed. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is not a common dog, and finding a reputable breeder of any breed can be a challenge. We would like to be part of the betterment of this breed in the United States, if only to be able to continue to have access to these wonderful dogs. Through the encouragement of our breeder mentor, we decided we would throw our hat into the ring and be a contributor to the growth and development of the Wirehaired Vizsla.

We are committed to this breed being treated with the upmost diligence. Any dog chosen for breeding should be a good representative of their breed. This should be determined by objective judging in the conformation ring, titling in the work the dog was bred for, and through comprehensive health testing.

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