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Young Male Available


Wirehaired Vizsla, 2 years old, 65 lbs

Fully titled and health tested parents.

HUU clear, eyes normal per CERF

Started gundog with formal training.

Southern California

Temperament and Training: Stable and confident. Basic obedience complete. Commands known include: stay, sit, down, come (or whistle), hand touch, go to bed, get in (crate), wait, stand, leave it, and drop. He walks well off leash, can walk on a loose leash with proper set up (he’ll pull if he isn’t “working”), crate trained. Spent 2 months in full hunt training. Finds and points well. Needs work on steadiness. Retrieves and loves to play fetch.

Faults: Does not love getting his nails trimmed. He will accept it but it’s a work in progress and needs to go slowly. He is an excitement pee’er. It’s manageable now most of the time, but his puppyhood was very difficult and it's not an experience I will risk passing on to any other families. He will still have an accident here and there with all the comings and goings of the family here at the house. But if he gets out for a good run daily and has a chance to walk off property (our house is a suburban home with a small yard that he doesn’t really like to potty in), he is not a problem. Our pet sitter doesn’t have problems with him when it’s just her here. He is housebroken and does not mark or otherwise intentionally pee inside.

Other pros: He is a beautiful dog and on his way to a conformation championship with wins in several shows. He is a healthy and temperamentally sound dog. He loves people and other dogs. He’s possibly the most dog savvy dog I own, easily able to play with the smallest puppies. When he was in hunt training, he worked in a pack and did fine, even with pushy intact males. He rides well in the car. Camps and stays in hotels quietly. He is affectionate and sweet. I have three kids ages 11-15 and he is great with them. I wouldn’t say he is solid with all kids, just because he’s sensitive like most Vizslas are. I would be observant with him around toddlers and would not place him in a house where he would live with them. Toddler visitors would be ok. He eats well, is an ideal weight, and has no health issues. Coat is moderate and correct. His coat strips easily and can be rolled without much effort if you strip on a regular basis.

Ideal placement: A working hunter or active individual or couple. A family with older children is possible, pending discussion. A large yard/acreage is desirable but can be negotiable for someone with an already established habit of daily walks/hikes/runs. He could continue in the show ring if new family desires. He may not be bred. Neutering prior to placement possible, but I am open to placing him intact for hunting or show purposes to the right individual and co-ownership will be required if intact.

Contact: Amanda Hudgins -

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